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Here is a pick of essential reading for anyone wishing to learn more about coyotes and the Nova Scotia cull. Newcomers to the fascinating world of the coyote should take note though that some of this is about coyotes in general, and not specifically about the Eastern Coyote.

Coyote information
News items about the cull
Coyote policies in more enlightened communities
  • Calgary  The Living with Coyotes program aims to understand the relationship between humans and coyotes within the city of Calgary and promote their co-existence through research, citizen engagement and outreach programs.
  • Vancouver  Co-Existing with Coyotes aims to reduce conflict between people, pets, and coyotes by providing accessible information through a wide range of media

    •   A website dedicated to providing education and scientific research to better protect and support the conservation of eastern coyotes or coywolves.
    Organizations we like
    • Project Coyote - Promotes educated coexistence between people and coyotes and to advocate on behalf of America's native Song Dog.
    • Predator Friendly - Certified farms and ranches using humane practices to keep livestock safe and wildlife alive. 

    Trapping & Snaring


    Co-existing With Coyotes News Report  - Vancouver